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Since we have been married, we have kept dogs. Our first one was in 1973 and came from an animal shelter.  6 weeks after we picked her up, she delivered 9 puppies, so she was mated in the shelter without anybody knowing.

Luckily we had a very nice neighbour who knew something about breeding and she helped us with the delivery, because this was completely new for us.  Of course this was not intended, because we both had full time jobs, but with some help we managed.

Our second dog came from a dubious address and later we realized it was a puppy farm but we were young and had no idea of how to find good quality dogs and unfortunately the dog was very sick from the beginning and died when she was 2,5 years old.

Through all our experiences, we learned by our mistakes and were better prepared and more knowledgeable on how to buy good quality and healthy dogs.

After some time. we found a breed we liked and a breeder who was breeding in the right way.  This was the Bouvier de Flandres and our unexpected first litter made us decide that we wanted to breed too which lead to us breeding Bouviers for about 10 years.  Peter then ended up suffering with health issues and was no longer able to cope with the grooming and care of these big heavy dogs due to their size, so we decided to start breeding a smaller breed which is much easier.




  So we found de “Nederlandse Schapendoes” also a herding dog, but much smaller and not that heavy. And the coat only needs to be combed every 2-3 weeks. We still have several schapendoezen and we have a few litters a year.


or in the kitchen

  They are born here and here they stay until they go to their new owners






playtime for the puppies outside


But we are getting older and that is the reason we want less schapendoezen, because I can’t walk them anymore so Peter has to do that alone and that is why we now have, next to our schapendoezen, the Bolonka’s.

They are much smaller and weight only around 3 kg. instead the 13-18 kg. of the Schapendoes. So I can lift them very easily and I can walk them without problems.

The Bolonka has no idea he is a small dog, he has just as much courage as our Schapendoezen. And just as our Schapendoezen (and in our early days the Bouvier)  he is a happy pleasant dog who likes to be with us and our other dogs. He loves live and they makes a lot of fun together.

But because of
their size, they so much easier to groom, even they have to be combed every week.

We are  member of the "Europäischen Rassehund Verein." and breed according their rules

And just as our schapendoezen, they love to go with us in our motorhome when we are traveling through Europe.


If we don't have puppies we travel trough Europe in our moterhome with al our dogs





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